Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server
for ASUS Tinker Board

NEMS Linux is free to download and use. Please consider supporting the project by becoming a patron, shopping through our affiliate links, or directly donating.

Current Version: 1.5

Supported Devices:

  • Tinker Board S
  • Tinker Board 2GB

Minimum SD Card Size: 16 GB

Recommended SD Card Size: 32 GB

Important Note: Tinker Board S must be switched to Maskrom Mode in order to run NEMS Linux from SD card. The built-in eMMC on a Tinker Board is too small to run NEMS Linux.

Buy The Hardware

Using the NEMS Linux image, you simply buy the device, download the image (below), “burn” the image to a Micro SD card, and boot it up.

Visit the NEMS Certified Hardware page to buy your device, complete with the Micro SD card, a power adapter, a good solid case, and more.

Please buy it through our links, or let me know if you need a customized link to a different model. We get a small percentage of the sale, and it helps to make it possible to offer NEMS as a free download.

Download NEMS Linux for Tinker Board SBCs

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