Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server
for FriendlyElec

NEMS Linux is free to download and use. Please consider supporting the project by becoming a patron, shopping through our affiliate links, or directly donating.

Supported Devices:

  • NanoPi M4
  • NanoPi NEO Plus2

Minimum eMMC/SD Card Size: 16 GB

Recommended eMMC/SD Card Size: 32 GB

Buy The Hardware

FriendlyElec devices are very affordable, and using the NEMS Linux image, you simply buy the device, download the image (below), “burn” the image to the eMMC or Micro SD card, and boot it up.

Visit the NEMS Certified Hardware page to buy your device, complete with the Micro SD card, a power adapter, a good solid case, and more.

Please buy it through our links, or let me know if you need a customized link to a different model. We get a small percentage of the sale, and it helps to make it possible to offer NEMS as a free download.

Download NEMS Linux for FriendlyElec Boards

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